Case Studies


PDGS upgrade for Australian LNG project

Numerous new natural gas sources have been developed in the coal seams of the Surat Basin in Queensland, Australia in recent years. The produced coal seam gas is collected, treated and compressed in central processing plants (CPP) and then pumped via a 340 km pipeline to Curtis Island near to the city of Gladstone on the East Coast. There it is liquefied and loaded onto LNG tankers. EagleBurgmann supplied PDGS dry gas seals in tandem arrangement for several facilities of the integrated project.

United Kingdom

Separation seal breakthrough improves UK gas grid compressor reliability

The reliability of centrifugal compressors in gas grids are of the highest social and economic importance for network operators. Compressor performance and availability are closely related to the effectiveness of sophisticated compressor shaft sealing technology. Here, EagleBurgmann developed a new sealing concept which ensures better compressor availability: the coaxial separation seal CobaSeal.