Consulting & engineering

Once all the seals in a plant have been recorded and analyzed, we draw up standardization concepts based on the actual situation. What we aim to do is to optimize the number of seal types, sizes, and materials used, and to improve the key figures for the plant. We advise on rules and legal regulations, and illustrate the measures that need to be taken.

The benefits to you:

  • Systematic and consistent analysis as a reliable basis for developing suitable measures
  • Potential improvements are highlighted, e.g. standardization with the aim of optimizing seal types, sizes, and materials
  • Advice on technical versions and alternatives
System analysis

A snapshot of your facility, recording of the actual situation, analysis of bad actors and critical applications, and more.

Standardization concepts

Perfectly matched to one another, and geared toward effectiveness in terms of design, component seals/cartridges, manufacturer, seal types, materials, and sizes.


Advice on all matters concerning regulations, legal requirements, and environmental and accident regulations, on applications, identifying potential improvements, and technical alternatives.