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As one of the world’s leading providers of industrial sealing technology we have been developing and producing seals for all kinds of industrial applications for more than 130 years. Originally founded in Germany, we are now a global company with nearly 6,000 employees in more than 60 countries around the world. Would you like to learn more?



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„I chose EagleBurgmann as an employer because exciting technology is combined with working in an international environment. This is supplemented by a strong corporate culture with an entrepreneurial spirit and a positive work atmosphere. Special orientation on long-term and international development as well as focus on innovations and motivated employees is what distinguishes EagleBurgmann from the others.“ Tobias Schmidt, Director International Projects, Middle East & North Africa
„EagleBurgmann operates on a customer-oriented basis and that reflects my personal attitude. The company backs the strengths and abilities of every single individual – and offers extensive training measures. The human element is of great significance within the organization. Added to this is the management’s “open door” mentality.“ Jürgen Kriegsmann, Regional sales manager Western Germany
„With our products we operate a demanding technical segment which is vital for many industries. From the start I was greatly attracted to the requirement of using excellent technology to achieve a measurable contribution to the success of our customers and to the protection of the environment. With the help of our sealing know how, our research capabilities and finally superior products we are constantly working on reducing the energy consumption, emissions to the environment and guaranteeing the protection of humans and the environment.“ Dr. Bernhard Jenisch, Vice President Engineering & Innovation
„The opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world with different specialties and areas of expertise is very enriching. Also, working together on-site with customers and EagleBurgmann colleagues from different departments and countries gives you a different perspective and understanding of our range of products, industry processes and market trends around the world.“ Juliana Cartaya, Designer for compressor seals
„As a multinational corporation, EagleBurgmann provided me with a platform to pursue my career in an international environment. Thanks to the fact that the company has subsidiaries in so many different countries, providing its employees with the opportunity to relocate, I get the chance to work with a diverse set of colleagues.“ Mean-Theng Lim, Head of Internal Audit Malaysia
„I like the fact that there are so many opportunities at EagleBurgmann to help shape its future and further success. It is a company full of potential – people have the freedom to build upon new ideas and this is strongly supported by management.“ Thomas Verly, IT Manager Americas

Did you know?

Interesting facts from the sealing world:

Our compressor seals can be exposed to a thermal load of up to 600 watts/ cm2 – a stove only achieves 3 watts/ cm2.
Our flanges are made of natural mica and can resist temperatures of up to 900 °C.
The two seal faces of a gas-lubricated mechanical seal rotate with a gap of 5 µm, and at a speed of up to 750 km/h (466 miles/h). Need a comparison? Imagine a jet plane flying 0.3 mm (0.01”) above the ground!
The wear parts of a typical mechanical seal (48 mm (1.9”) diameter, rotation speed 3,000 min-1) only need to be replaced every 10,000 operating hours. This equals a covered distance of 272,000 km (169,913 miles) – approximately 6.8 times around the equator.
Our heaviest seal to date was developed for an agitator at a plastics manufacturer in China. Weight: 1,800 kg (3,968 lbs.)


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